• Choice of tuners: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, ATSC, DTMB, ISDB-T
  • MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 SD/HD
  • Bult-in re-multiplexer
  • 9 ASI outputs
  • IPTV Gateway
  • IP outputs: up to 128 TV channels; unicast/multicast
  • 8 DVB-CI slots
  • BISS Descrambler
  • Description
  • Specifications
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ADV-6800 is a high-density, modular and CI decryption professional TS processor equipped with 8 independent tuners, which can be either of DVB-T/T2, DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DTMB, ISDB-T and ATSC types. It supports a wide range of application by combining 8 tuners processing capability with industry standard outputs including ASI and TS/IP. ADV-6800 has 8 DVB common interface slots capable of working with most of well-known CAS in the market to de-crypt multiple pay TV services.

ADV-6800 can accept 8 RF transponders (RF channels) and output up to 128 TV programs (SD and HD) carried by these transponders as separate IPTV streams (unicast or multicast).

ADV-6800 provides operators an ideal solution for multi receiving, remultiplexing, descrambling and TS over IP operations, the compact 8 tuners and the powerful 8 CI decryption design make ADV-6800 one of the most competitive product in the head-end market.

ADV-6800 - Professional 8-channel DTV Receiver/Processor

ADV-6800 – Professional 8-channel DTV Receiver/Processor

Back Panel

ADV-6800 - Professional 8-channel DTV Receiver/Processor

ADV-6800 – Professional 8-channel DTV Receiver/Processor


  • 8x tuner inputs, supports variety of input options DVB-T2/T/S2/S/C/DTMB/ATSC/ISDB-T
  • Supports DVB-S2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI optional) and DVB-T2 Multi PLP and SFN MIP pass through
  • Built-in TS re-multiplexer receives from ASI, CI Slot1 to CI Slot8 and TS/IP inputs
  • 8×DVB-CI Slots, multi-program decryption, BISS-1 and BISS-E decryption
  • 8x ASI output transport streams from CI Slot1 to CI Slot8 or BISS decryption
  • 1x ASI output from multiplexer
  • 1x channel full duplex TS over IP or 128x channels IP out, unicast or multicast
  • Remote Control and Supervision by SNMP v2, HTTP WEB and Proprietary HDMS software
  • On Site software update through IP or USB
  • RSSI, received signal strength, Eb/N0, C/N and BER monitoring
  • Redundancy power supply


Click on “ADV-6800 Datasheet” for technical specifications

Ordering Info

ADV-6800S – Receiver with 8 DVB-S/S2 tuners
ADV-6800T – Receiver with 8 DVB-T/T2 tuners
ADV-6800C – Receiver with 8 DVB-C tuners
ADV-6800A – Receiver with 8 ATSC tuners
ADV-6800M – Receiver with 8 DTMB tuners
ADV-6800I – Receiver with 8 ISDB-T tuners

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