AdvancedDigital offers many single and multichannel MPEG-2 encoders. The MPEG-2 is an older but still very popular lossy video and audio compression standard. By compressing the video+audio signals, their bit rates can be reduced so that they can be more easily stored and transmitted to further destinations.

As part of the encoding, the mpeg2 videos are placed in an MPEG-2 container format called MPEG-TS, that allows for IP video streaming. In fact, the MPEG-TS container is commonly used for streaming over the internet.

While MPEG2 video encoding is slowly being phased out in favour of such encoding standards as H.264/MPEG-4/AVC it is still a very commonly used in many legacy applications and in over the air terrestrial broadcast systems such as ATSC and cable systems such as DVB-C. We offer many MPEG-2 hardware encoders, that guarantee high picture quality and reliable 24×7 operation.

ADV-2800EC – 8-channel MPEG-2 SD Encoder with built-in multiplexer

Video inputs: 8 Composite, 1 ASI. Supports PAL/NTSC.

Audio inputs: Analog LR.

Outputs: IP (UDP/RTP, unicast/multicast) and ASI.

Built-in multiplexer.


ADV-2000EC – Professional MPEG-2 SD encoder with SDI, Composite, S-Video, ASI inputs, IP and ASI outputs

Video inputs: SDI, Composite, S-Video, ASI. Supports PAL/NTSC/SECAM.

Audio inputs: Analog and SDI embedded.

Outputs: IP (UDP/RTP, unicast/multicast) and ASI.

Video compression: CBR, selectable bitrate 1.5 – 20 Mbps


Please visit H.264 / MPEG-2 ENCODERS for encoders supporting both MPEG-2 and H.264.