• 2 independent multiplexing channels
  • up to 8x ASI inputs
  • 2 independent ASI multiplexed outputs
  • 2x GbE ports
  • Up to 512 IP inputs (MPTS/SPTS), unicast/multicast
  • 2 independent multiplexed IP outputs (MPTS), unicast/multicast
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ADV-8203 is a high density advanced DVB transport stream multiplexer/re-multiplexer.
It has 8 ASI input ports, 4 ASI output ports and 2 GbE ports.
It can receive up to 512 IP streams (MPTS/SPTS) via 2 GbE ports and up to 8 ASI streams via 8 ASI ports.
ADV-8203 has 2 independent multiplexing channels.
It can output 2 independent ASI multiplexed streams via 4 ASI ports (2 main, 2 back-up).
It can output up 2 independent multiplexed IP streams via 2 GbE ports.
ADV-8203 supports PSI/SI (PAT, PMT) regeneration or pass-through, PID re-mapping, service filtering and PCR adjusting. It can insert EPG (Electronic Program Guide), and data casting information into each output stream.


Key Features

  • Fully compliant with ISO13818 and EN300 468 standard
  • Up to 8 ASI inputs
  • Up to 512 IP inputs over UDP via DATA1 and DATA2 GbE ports
  • 2 independent built-in multiplexers
  • 2 independent ASI multiplexed outputs
  • 2 independent IP (MPTS) outputs over UDP, RTP /RTSP
  • Unicast/Multicast IP input/output
  • Support accurate PCR adjusting, PID filtering, re-mapping and PSI/SI re-generation
  • Web-based NMS management

                                               Functional Block Diagram




Key Features

Input / Output 8 ASI input ports; 4 ASI output ports: BNC 75Ω

2 bi-direction IP ports (RJ45); 100/1000Mbps

512 IP inputs via DATA1 and DATA2 ports, MPTS/SPTS, UDP,


2 IP (MPTS) outputs, UDP/RTP/RTSP, unicast/multicast

2 ASI (MPTS) outputs

Packet format 204/188 self-adaption
Re-multiplex Max PIDs 180 output per channel
Functions PID re-mapping
PCR accurate adjusting
Automatic generation of PSI/SI
PID transparent Any PID transparent and mapping
System Web management:10/100M NMS port
Ethernet software upgrade
General Dimensions 482mm×300mm×44mm (WxLxH)
Weight 3.5kg
Temperature 0~45℃(operation), -20~80℃(storage)
Power supply AC 110V±10%, 50/60Hz Or AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption ≤30W


Ordering Info

ADV-8203  –  IP and ASI multiplexer

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