Outputs up to 16 RF DVB-C QAM channels
– Up to 800 Mbps output bitrate
– 4 GbE IP input ports: accept up to 160 MPTS or SPTS
– 4 ASI input ports
– Built-in Re-multiplexer
– WEB and SNMP remote control

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The ADV-5160QM is a professional all-in-one high density IP/ASI to DVB-C QAM modulator. It receives up to 160 digital TV transport streams from Gigabit Ethernet and 4 ASI streams from 4 ASI ports.
It outputs up to 16 QAMs RF channels.
A powerful TS re-Multiplexer matrix rebuilds up to 16 new TS streams for further QAM modulation. These 16 QAM carriers are directly independently up-converted with high speed DAC to achieve excellent RF performance covered the whole 1GHz band.
ADV-5160QM is housed in a 1-RU chassis with two AC power supplies in redundancy.


• Compliant with ITU J.83 Annex A & C and DVB-C EN300429
• Integrated GbE IP de-encapsulation
• 4 Gigabit TS/IP ports, (RJ-45 & SFP) x 2, 2+2 redundancy
• ≤200ms De-jitter for TS/IP input
• Up to 160 SPTS or MPTS Inputs over GbE and 4 ASI inputs over 4 ASI ports
• 16 independent QAM modulators
• RF output backup port for 1+1 redundancy
• Redundant Power Supply
• Network Management through SNMP, HTTP, CLI (Command Line Interface)

ADV-5160QM - 12-channel DVB-C QAM modulator with ASI and IP inputs

ADV-5160QM – 16-channel DVB-C QAM modulator with ASI and IP inputs




Click on “ADV-5160QM Datasheet” for technical specifications.

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ADV-5160QM – 12-channel DVB-C QAM modulator with ASI and IP inputs


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