• ASI to IP (TSoIP) conversion for transporting digital video content over IP networks
  • IP (TSoIP) to ASI conversion provides a full duplex network video gateway
  • UDP/RTP. unicast/multicast, MPTS or SPTS
  • Sending video over the internet with SRT protocol


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The D2Flex3000 is a broadcast quality full duplex IP/ASI video gateway that can send or receive multiple services over IP with any ASI or network source. Transmission of high quality video with low latency across the public internet is supported with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.


  • Public Internet Transmission: Leverage the power of a Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) to deliver broadcast quality video with low latency across the public internet.
  • Regionalization: Regionalize at head-ends and transmitter sites with advanced channel branding and dynamic PSIP insertion.
  • Emergency Alert Insertion: Maintain FCC compliance with essential EAS insertion in any of your broadcast channels.

Key Benefits

Secure and Reliable IP Transmission: The D2Flex3000 features the standard Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) that provides end to end security and optimized streaming performance across unpredictable networks for the best quality video possible. The integrity and quality of the video is maintained by accounting for packet loss, latency, jitter and dynamically adjusting for bandwidth between each endpoint. Now you can reliably deliver low latency video over any network including the public internet.

Easily Rebrand Channels with EPG (optional):  Set the major and minor channel numbers on each program at output stream and pass through or regenerate the necessary PSIP table. The optional D2Guide can insert an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) from services like Titan TV and Gracenote (TMS) or from a spreadsheet with programming for the next several weeks so your customers can find the programs they want.

Emergency Alert (EAS) Compliance (optional): The D2Alert option is the answer for inserting a signal from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) into all of the programs of your ATSC digital transport stream. D2Alert constantly monitors the EAS signal and when a valid alert is found, it is automatically inserted into all of the configured programs until the alert is complete. Rest assured that with D2Alert, you can comply with FCC requirements and quickly inform your viewers in the event of an emergency.


  • Reliable public internet transmission of broadcast video with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.
  • IP encapsulation of output stream on a Gigabit Ethernet link.
  • Secure AES 128/256 bit encryption between each endpoint, critical for public internet transmission.
  • ASI to IP (TSoIP) conversion for transporting digital video content over IP networks.
  • IP (TSoIP) to ASI conversion provides a full duplex network video gateway.
  • Network jitter correction and adaptation for transport of MPEG TSoIP.
  • Configurable PSIP/SI major and minor channel numbers (optional).
  • Optional D2Alert for insertion of EAS Emergency Alerts in your digital channels.
  • Optional D2Guide for dynamic PSIP guide generation from Titan TV, Gracenote (TMS) or a spreadsheet.
  • Compact 1/3 RU design with optional rack mount.






ASI Inputs

  • One ASI input, 75Ω up to 213 Mbps.
  • Receive MPTS and SPTS with service filtering

ASI Outputs

  • One ASI output, 75Ω
  • Output up to 213 Mbps constant bit rate
  • Programmable unique MPTS or SPTS
  • PCR regeneration

Gigabit Ethernet (TSoIP)

  • One Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), RJ45
  • 10/100/1000Base-T auto-sensing
  • Half and full duplex


  • Video Formats: Transport stream MPEG-2 SD/HD and MPEG-4 (AVC) SD/HD
  • Audio Formats: MPEG-1 Layer II and Dolby AC-3 service type control


  • Control over Ethernet, RJ45
  • D2Flex Control browser interface
  • SNMP remote monitoring with configurable traps

Payload Processing

  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) compliant to
    SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • Maximum aggregate data rate: 32Mbps
  • Multicast: IGMP v1, IGMP v2, IP/UDP and IP/UDP/RTP multicast or unicast.
  • Configurable packet format of 188 or 204 bytes per packet

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)

  • Protocols: TS over SRT (UDP)
  • Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128, AES-256.
  • Modes: Source (Caller), Destination (Listener) or Rendezvous.

Table Processing

  • Advanced component/service/TS analysis and bit rate measurements
  • MPEG/PSI Tables: PAT, PMT, CAT
  • DVB/SI Tables: NIT, SDT, TDT, EIT

PSIP Processing

  • Pass-through and dynamic regeneration of PSIP tables.
  • EPG Guide Services (D2Guide Option):
    • Gracenote (TMS)
    • BIM PSIP Data Service (Titan TV)
    • Spreadsheet

Physical Characteristics

  • Size: 1.75” high x 6.33” (1/3 RU) wide x 5.25” deep
  • Power: 90-254 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.
    Single external power supply.

Environmental Conditions

  • Convection cooled (no fans)
  • Operating Temperature: 5˚C to +40˚C
  • Storage Temperature: -5˚C to +45˚C
  • Relative Humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)


Ordering Info

D2Flex3000: Gateway with 1 TSoIP input and output stream. 1 ASI input and 1 ASI output.
Includes D2F3PS: Power supply, 90-254 VAC at 50/60 Hz

Note: D2Flex3000 comes standard with ASI to IP and IP to ASI conversion that allows the transmission of SRT (Secure Reliable Transport).
SRT is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack that optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, including the public internet.
D2Flex3000 base model will send out whatever it receives in with no other functions available. All ASI programs in, get immediately  sent to IP Output. All IP in, will get sent to the ASI Output.

Additional features can be added by ordering the following Available Options.

Available Options:

  • D2Flex3500 Upgrade:  offers the ability to manipulate the VCT (Virtual  Channel Table), add or delete static PSIP, change short names and major/minor channel numbers, add or delete minor channels. It will also allow to send out the Transport Stream on both IP and ASI.
  • D2Alert: offers insertion of Emergency Alert System in transport stream. NOTE: Upgrade to the D2Flex3500 required first
  • D2Guide: offers dynamic PSIP Guide generation from Titan TV or spreadsheet. NOTE: Upgrade to the D2Flex3500 required first.
  • D2F3RM: 1RU rack mount kit.

NOTE: If you are looking for more IP streams, multiple ASI I/O
and redundant power supplies, step up to the D2Flex5220 model

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