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The VS-102 is a low-cost H.264 encoder/decoder supporting SD and HD live encoding. The VS-102 is available in two models, VS-102-HDMI and VS-102-HDSDI. The VS-102-HDMI, supports HDMI and composite inputs. While the VS-102-HDSDI supports the broadcast standard HD-SDI input, in addition to HDMI and composite. The VS-102 offers as output an H.264 encoded IP stream compatible with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and the Wowza Media Server. Audio is encoded as a bidirectional AAC high-definition stereo.

The VS-102 can act as either an encoder or a decoder. This allows a pair of VS-102 units create a point-to-point broadcast system over any existing IP networks.

For example, the unit can operate as an encoder to compress and transmit A/V data over a LAN to another VS-102 located elsewhere. A second unit can then act as a decoder which receives the compressed data through the LAN and outputs it using it’s HD-SDI port. Additionally, other computers or VS-102 decoders connected to the same network can monitor both the audio and video in multiple locations at the same time. When properly configured, the VS-102 may be monitored through the public Internet.

Available Models:
VS-102-HDSDI  –  with SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite and IP inputs/outputs
VS-102-HDMI  –  with HDMI, Composite and IP inputs/outputs


•  High Quality AV Encoder / Decoder (Selectable)
•  Full HD resolution 1080p Encoding / Decoding
•  Up to 30fps @ 1920 x 1080 streaming
•  H.264/H.264 & H.264/MJPEG Dual Streaming
•  Two-Way Audio Communication
•  Mono Codec G.711 for Security applications
•  Stereo Codec AAC for Broadcast applications
•  HD-SDI Video Input / Output (VS-102-HDSDI
•  HDMI Video Input / Output
•  Composite Video Input / Output
•  Audio Input / Output
•  Instant Recording to an optional USB drive
(USB 2.0)


•  Supports DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server)
•  Built-in PoE (Power Over Ethernet :802af)
•  RS-232 control built-in
•  RS-422/485 control built-in
•  2 Sensor inputs
•  2 Alarm outputs
•  Watchdog for system recovery
•  Integrated Video Motion Detection
•  Transmission of Video Data through FTP server
•  Wide Range of Video Bit Rate Control (32kbps ~
•  PSIA and ONVIF compliant


VS-102 - H.264 HD/SD Encoder/Decoder with SD/HD-HDI, HDMI, Composite, IP inputs/outputs

Ordering Info

VS-102-HDSDI  –  Encoder/Decoder with SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite and IP inputs/outputs
VS-102-HDMI  –  Encoder/Decoder with HDMI, Composite and IP inputs/outputs

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