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The HD RANGER UltraLite is a universal field strength meter that covers a comprehensive mix of broadcast standards around the globe. The latest developments in broadcast technology such as DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, DVB-S/S2 with MPEG-2 as well as MPEG-4 video are managed effortlessly within the product.

The HD RANGER UltraLite is perfect for satellite installers: Built-in DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite finder, digital decoder and signal analysis.

The introduction of the latest technology within the product allows you to display multiple screens either overlapped together or in a split screen format.

  • Less weight and volume: 1.4 kg.
  • Download measurement reports to your PC and install new functions in your analyser at no cost.
  • It is handy and lightweight. Small and portable. A more transportable field strength meter.
  • HD RANGER performance and speed.


  • DVB-T, DVB-T2
  • DVB-C, DVB-C2, QAM Annex C
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2, DSS
  • Dolby Digital Plus


  • Constellation diagram for all DVB standard
  • StealthID (instant signal identification)
  • DVB-S2 multistream
  • PLS (physical layer scrambling)
  • Ultra fast spectrum analyser (90 ms sweep time) with peak hold
  • Field strength
  • Task planner
  • H.265 detection
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • PC connection (via USB interface)
  • NetUpdate 4 free software
  • Free and automatic firmware updates
  • Datalogger data download
  • Channel tables customization
  • Measurement reports


Click on “HD Ranger UltraLite Datasheet” for technical specifications.

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HD Ranger UltraLite – TV and Satellite Analyser



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