Professional-grade digital cable receiver, PCI Express
Extended frequency coverage to 1002 MHz
DVB-ASI monitoring on each channel

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  • Dual-channel QAM receiver, compliant with J.83 Annex A (DVB-C), B and C
  • Applications have access to the complete Transport Stream
  • Two DVB-ASI output ports for monitoring the receiver output
  • ASI ports can also be used as independent general-purpose ASI outputs
  • Each channel provides reception status, RF level, demodulation status, constellation, SNR, MER, pre- and post-FEC BER
  • Free Windoes and Linux SDK (DTAPI) is fully compatible with other DekTec digital television adapters
  • PCI Express x1


  • Monitoring of cable networks (with Xpect)
  • Professional cable receiver


Key Characteristics

RF frequency VHF, UHF
54 to 1002MHz
Sup. bandwidth 8 MHz
Input Sensitivity -60 to -30dBm
Input return loss >10dB
MER 12 to 38dB

Inputs and Outputs

2x RF in 75-Ω F female
2x ASI out 75-Ω BNC
PCI Express PCIe x1

Modulation Standards

Included with base product DVB-C

PC Support

Windows 2k8, 2k12, 2k16,
7, 8, 10
Linux Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x
Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

Available Options and Ordering Info

All USA orders will be shipped from our USA warehouse. 

All other orders will be shipped from Canada.



DTA-2136  –   Dual-Channel QAM Receiver for PCI Express bus

DTA-2136-SLP   –   Dual-Channel QAM Receiver for PCI Express bus with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress

DTA-2136-VR-SLP   –   Dual-Channel QAM Receiver for PCI Express bus with VF-Rec stream recorder and StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress

DTA-2136-SXP   –    Dual-Channel QAM Receiver for PCI Express bus with StreamXpress and StreamXpert analyser


1StreamXpert – Transport Stream Analyser Software
• Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams
• Recording based on duration, size or manual
• Provides detailed statistics on the PIDs, services and tables found in the transport stream
• Displays PIDs, services, tables, descriptors, stream information and PID-grid (compact overview of all PIDs)
• User definable TR 101 290 templates
• PCR analysis
• Measurement of bitrates, PCR-accuracy and interval
• Integrated SD/HD video and audio decoder with support for MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, AVS, 4:2:2 and 10 bit video streams and MP1 / MP2 / (HE-)AAC / Dolby AC3 / Dolby AC4 audio
• Deep decoding of PSI, DVB-SI, DVB-RCS and ATSC-PSIP tables and descriptors
• Closed captions decoding
• SI decoding with user templates, Dolby AC4 analysis, multi-monitor support
• Support for analysing TS-over-IP streams via a DTA-2160 / DTA-2162 or a local network port
• The world’s most cost-effective and user-friendly transport-stream analyser

2.  StreamXpert Lite – Light-weight version of StreamXpert for viewing and recording transport-stream contents, and for decoding audio and video.


                                                             StreamXpert           StreamXpert Lite

Ribbon based GUI                                        ✓                               ✓
List with properties of all PIDs                      ✓                               –
List with properties of all services                 ✓                               partial
List with properties of all tables                    ✓                                –
Video Decoding
HEVC                                                            ✓                                ✓
AVC                                                               ✓                                ✓
AVS                                                               ✓                                ✓
MPEG-2                                                        ✓                                ✓
4:2:2                                                              ✓                                –
10-bit                                                             ✓                                –
Full screen mode                                          ✓                                ✓
Multi-monitor support                                    ✓                                ✓
Audio Decoding
HE-AAC                                                        ✓                                ✓
AAC                                                              ✓                                ✓
E-AC-3                                                          ✓                                ✓
AC-3                                                             ✓                                 ✓
MPEG-1 Layer II                                           ✓                                ✓
Supported Interfaces
DekTec input adapters                                   ✓                                 ✓
PC network ports                                           ✓                                 ✓
Custom table and descriptor templates         ✓                                  –
PID Grid, graphical overview of all PIDs        ✓                                  –
Dolby AC-4 analysis                                       ✓                                  –
Manual mode                                                ✓                                  ✓
Size based                                                    ✓                                  ✓
Duration based                                              ✓                                  ✓
Measurement and Compliance
TR 101 290 priority 1, 2 and 3                      ✓                                  –
Bitrate                                                           ✓                                  partial
PCR graphs                                                  ✓                                  –
PCR accuracy                                               ✓                                  –
PCR interval                                                  ✓                                  –
PCR frequency offset                                    ✓                                  –

 3.  VF-Rec – Advanced transport-stream/SDI recorder
• Advanced recorder for TS, ETI, SDI, I/Q samples and T2MI.
• Allows to do continuous recording and remote control through SNMP
• Record to a single file, to multiple files or continuous
• SDI recording 10-bit full frame, up to 3G-SDI
• Remote monitoring and control through SNMP

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