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ADV-8708 is a professional video/audio decoder capable of advanced decoding functionality.

It supports digital TS input through both IP and DVB-ASI inputs.

It can receive up to 8x IP streams (MPTS/SPTS, unicast/multicast) and 1x ASI stream (MPTS/SPTS).

After decoding it outputs up to 8 channels of analog A/V signals: 8x CVBS and 8 unbalanced audio stereo pairs (or 16 mono).

It also features an ASI output for passing through incoming TS to other equipment.

 Key Features

  • MPEG-2/H.264/AVS+ Decoding format
  • 8x IP inputs (MPTS/SPTS, unicast/multicast) and 1x ASI input (MPTS/SPTS)
  • 8x CVBS video and 8x unbalanced stereo (16 mono) audio outputs
  • Real-time bit rate monitoring
  • High reliability, stable performance
  • Front Panel LCD local and Web GUI remote control



Click on “ADV-8708 Datasheet” for technical specifications

Ordering Info

ADV-8708   –   8-channel Video/Audio decoder

ADV-8708-4  –  4-channel Video/Audio decoder

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