• 4x ASI Inputs, 8x ASI outputs
  • 2x GBe ports
  • Up to 160 IP input streams
  • Up to 16 multiplexed IP output streams
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ADV-3480MX is an advanced DVB transport stream multiplexer/re-multiplexer.
It can receive up to 160 MPTS/SPTS through the GbE port and/or 4x ASI streams through the four ASI input ports.

ADV-3480MX can output 8x ASI multiplexed streams through 8 ASI output ports.

It can output up to 16 multiplexed IP streams via GbE output ports.

ADV-3480MX supports PSI/SI regeneration or pass through.
It can support up to maximum 256 PIDs or 50 TV services per each TS with re-mapping, bypass, and  filtering functionality.

With its multiple input and output ports, flexible configuration and powerful TS processing functionality, the ADV-3480MX is a must have missing piece of the puzzle that connects the TV sources from professional IRDs and encoders to the DVB modulators.

ADV-3480MX back


  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H.264) TS Re-Multiplexing
  • 4 ASI inputs, 8 ASI outputs
  • 2 GBe + 2 SFP ports: up to 160 IP input MPTS/SPTS streams; up to 16 multiplexed IP output MPTS streams.
  • Unicast/Multicast IP input/output
  • EIT bypass or re-generation
  • PSI/SI re-generation, insertion, NIT and SDT edition
  • PCR re-generation and correction function
  • TS/IP through GbE port up to 950Mbps input/output
  • Null packet insertion for TS/IP transmission
  • Web remote management and SNMP supervision


  • Combine  multiple IP and/or ASI programs to send to a modulator
  • TS hardware processor
  • Use as an IP-to-ASI or ASI-to-IP gateway
  • Mix and match MPTS program for further delivery to headend systems


                                               Functional Block Diagram

ADV-3480MX block diagram


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ADV-3480MX  –  IP and ASI multiplexer