NN6-T2 Gateway is ENENSYS’ DVB-T2 Gateway that encapsulates a DVB/MPEG-2 Transport Stream into a DVB-T2 multiplex, inserts synchronization data to allow Single Frequency Network broadcasting and generates T2-MI packets over ASI and IP.

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Running at the head-end, the NN6-T2 Gateway encapsulates the MPEG-2 TS streaming from a typical DVB-T multiplexer. It outputs the resulting DVB-T2 multiplex using the T2-MI (Modulator Interface) protocol through ASI and IP.

The NN6-T2 Gateway is the central body of the operational DVB-T2 network as it provides in-band control and signalling to all the DVB-T2 modulators. When using Multiple PLP (Physical Layer Pipes) to provide service-specific robustness, NN6-T2 Gateway enables all the modulators to generate the same data in a deterministic manner.

In addition, the NN6-T2 gateway enables SFN broadcasting over DVB-T2. It provides in-band and out-of-band synchronization information to all modulators to generate the same data at the very same time over the same frequency. It also supports MISO broadcasting to increase SFN performance.


  • DVB-T2 SFN/MISO build-up
  • DVB-T2 Network control
  • DVB-T2 Multi-PLP management


  • Robust and cost-effective
  • Central body of the DVB-T2 network
  • Quick handling of the DVB-T2 complexity
  • Improve coverage when broadcasting over SFN
  • Avoid TV black-out during SFN switch-over
  • Straight integration into any NMS
  • Reuse existing network equipment


  • Multi-PLP management
  • SFNguard, 1+1 seamless SFN switch-over
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Redundant power supply
  • 48VDC input


  • Encapsulation into DVB-T2 baseband frame
  • Configuration of DVB-T2 modulators
  • DVB-T2 SFN Adaption
  • MISO support
  • Single and Multiple PLP management
  • Generation of T2-MI packets
  • ASI and IP outputs
  • Validation of DVB-T2 transmission parameters
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support

NN6-T2 Gateway Diagram:

NN6-T2 Gateway - DVB-T2 Encapsulator / SFN Adapter


Input interfaces:

  • Control:
    • 2x Fast Ethernet for standard web based interface
  • MPEG2-TS:
    • 6x ASI inputs
    • 1x GigabitEthernet dataport to receive Incoming MPEG-2 stream
    • Can handle up to 8 DVB TS
  • GPS:
    • 1x TNC input for internal GPS
    • 1x PPS and 1x 10 Mhz inputs
    • 1x PPS and 1x 10 Mhz outputs

Output interfaces:

  • Data:
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet data port to receive incoming MPEG-2 TS stream and to output T2-MI packets over IP
  • MPEG-2 TS
    • 2x Mirrored ASI outputs to output T2-MI packets over ASI
  • GPS
    • 1xPPS and 1x10MHz outputs


  • Height x Width x Depth : 44 x 444 x 274 mm (1.7 x 17.48 x 10.79 in.)
  • Format : 1RU, width 19”
  • Power supply : 100-240 VAC; 48V DC (option)
  • Power consumption : 20W


  • DVB-T2 encapsulation
    • Encapsulation into baseband frame
    • Full support of BB frame modes
  • Single Frequency Network
    • Integrated SFN adapter
    • MISO Support
    • T2-MIP generation
  • DVB-T2 network Configuration
    • Control DVB-T2 modulators
    • Generate in-band transmission and signalling information
    • Update NIT to reference T2 streams
  • PLP management
    • Single and Multi-PLP handling
    • PLP signalling declaration
  • T2-MI output
    • Generation of T2-MI packets
    • Mirrored ASI output
    • IP output featuring Pro MPEG Forum CoP#3/SMPTE 2022
  • Monitoring and Supervision
    • Validation of DVB-T2 parameters
    • Easy-to-use web based GUI
    • Full SNMPv2 support