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DTA-105 Features

  • Two independent DVB-ASI outputs on a low-profile PCI card
  • Shipped with a low-profile and a standard-profile bracket
  • 16-Mbytes on-board buffer per channel
  • Optional mode to slave the second output to the first, creating a single doubly-buffered output (DTA-100 compatible)

DTC-300 – StreamXpress Playout and Control Software

  • Low-cost, high-performance playout software
  • Endless play with optional automatic correction of continuity-counter, PCR/PTS/DTS and TDT/TOT fields
  • SOAP-based remote control to automate StreamXpress operations (DTC-302-RC option)
  • Saving and restoring playout parameters using XML-based settings file
  • Reproducible injection of errors in the transport stream with adjustable error rate
  • Easy-to-use control of modulation and channel simulation parameters

DTA-105 Applications

  • General-purpose output adapter for PC-based applications that generate an MPEG-2 transport stream
  • With DTC-300 StreamXpress:
    MPEG-2 transport-stream test generator
  • Ideal for OEM applications

Block Diagram

DTA-105 Dual DVB-ASI Output Adapter for PCI Bus


DTA-105 Dual DVB-ASI Output Adapter for PCI Bus










PCI rev 2.2 compliancy:          32 bit, 33/66 MHz;   Universal 3V/5V

Ordering Info

All USA orders will be shipped from our USA warehouse. 

All other orders will be shipped from Canada.


DTA-105      –        Dual DVB-ASI Output adapter for PCI bus

DTA-105-SP    –        Dual DVB-ASI Output adapter for PCI bus with StreamXpress player software

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