Advanced Digital System, Inc. (ADS) has been an IT solutions provider in the wireless data communications industry since 1985. During that time ADS has grown as a engineering, sales, and service company as the need for more efficient  wireless data communications solutions for our customers has increased. 

ADS has responded  to customer needs by serving the SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) and Mobile  Data Computing markets, including Mining, Rail, Transit and heavy industrial installations throughout the world. 

ADS’s philosophy is that the fundamental success of any wireless data network rests solely upon the ability of a network to deliver the data with absolute reliability while maintaining the security and integrity of the data being transmitted.   

ADS has embraced a philosophy that our networks should be modular in nature providing an environment in which allows our customers to scale, build and operate an efficient and as importantly a cost effective wireless data communications system.

This strategy permits the  integration of third party applications such as  computer aided dispatch networks, GPS mapping and tracking, job and emergency reporting, job costing and data warehousing programs.  By utilizing industry standard non-proprietary protocols to interface with them it saves both financial resources and time to implementation. 

Our belief is that the key to successful wireless data applications, rests with the ability to efficiently communicate while at the same time effectively controlling the costs and we achieve this by using standard well established non-proprietary protocols minimizing the expense of  developing into proprietary applications.

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Over the last 22 years we have earned a reputation for providing our customers with the highest quality  products,  impeccable system implementation and  support, with many diverse installations of wireless networks maintained and supported throughout  North and South America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Asian Rim.