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Utilities such as public or co-op electric, oil and gas pipeline, water treatment and wastewater reclamations  require reliable, robust and instant communications to link all facilities and staff and effectively serve customers' and communities' needs around the clock. ADS’s SmartRoute network solution is a perfect fit for nearly all utility operators data needs. ADS’s network solutions offer outstanding flexibility to meet the demanding needs of large area networks with data and GPS/AVL. ADS is determined to provide our customers with reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

Communications that meet the highest demands regarding the safety of their personnel and quality and integrity of their data network. Whether if it is for a remote control process controls system or remote office applications in the field, SmartRoute provides the functionality and flexibility that is crucial for utility companies who must ensure that their network is never compromised. 

ADS’s products are open standards based and can be easily integrated with a wide range of third party equipment. They can also incorporate software that enables monitoring and control of remote equipment such as pumps and switches.
Wireless Data Design:

ADS designs and manufactures a range of  SmartRoute Radio Modems suitable for most industrial applications for telemetry as well as Mobile Workforce management. The SmartRoute radios provide fully transparent operation regardless of the serial data protocol at over-air speeds of up to 19.2Kbps. Using on-board switches the user can configure parameters such as frequency, forward error correction, repeater facility, serial control, Modbus or Hayes compatible modes and many more. 

Applications include:

Alarm Systems, Data Acquisition, Remote Metering, Warehousing and Communication between sites can be by UHF, VHF 220 MHz or 800 MHz licensed radio, and in some cases UHF and VHF unlicensed channels are available and can be connected to Network LAN controllers such as Cisco Routers for Wide area networks.. 

ADS’s Wide Area Data Network, SmartRoute, reduces  the cost and disruption associated with the installation and maintenance of conventional data transmission methods such as cable, fiber-optic or public telecom networks. SmartRoute data modems accepts signals from all types of standard industrial transducers (analogue, digital or pulse count) Then sends them to one or more remote receiving points, where they may be output in their original form or to a computer based SCADA system. 

Dispatch, SCADA, Security Systems, Control, Telemetry, and Control Systems etc Water and Waste Management-Flow Control, Level Monitoring, Supply and Distribution Data Collection, Water Treatment Monitoring, These units can be Solar Powered for Remote operations.  Electricity-Rural Automation, Hydro Electric, Fault Monitoring, Remote Data Acquisition, Alarms and much more.

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