Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. manufactures SmartRoute
Software and ruggedized microprocessor-controlled IP Packet
Data Equipment designed for harsh Locomotive environments.

SRC-EIII Ethernet controllers connect to HOST WAN networks via TAIT Communications Ltd. TM8105 Terminal Transceivers,
TB7100-SR Narrow Band RF base station sites and SmartRoute Gateway Controllers (SRGC). SRC-EIII mobile units form a robust IP based wide-area mobile data network over PMR (Private Mobile Radio) systems. The SRC-EIII fully integrates into single, multi channel, multi site and Polling SmartRoute Networks. SmartRoute supports many levels of Radio System failover and fallback options. 802.11x Broadband Hotspots can be easily added for additional bandwidth at key trackside locations.

Onboard Locomotive LAN, IP or serial devices connect to the SRC-EIII using standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet hardware, Serial
interfaces for end-to-end IP, TCP/IP connectivity between Locomotives and, Client Train Control and Management Software

The SRC-EIII SmartRoute Network may also be integrated onto Cellular networks to further expand networking solutions.
Fixed Rail Applications
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc.
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