ADS has been developing and delivering radio communication solutions to public safety organizations, throughout the southwest with customized  data solutions which were designed to meet their specific requirements. 

 ADS has served Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Rescue and EMS professionals of city, county or state organizations with Voice and IP Data Communications products and services for more than 22 years. ADS offers a very cost-effective IP based wide area data network solution, with SmartRoute intelligent base stations/repeaters and ruggedized data mobiles.

ADS’s mobile data communications solutions for public safety provides  reliability, dependability, functionality and because ADS’s products are open standards based they can be easily integrated with a wide range of third party equipment for interoperability - four key requirements in today's public safety environment.
Public Safety Applications
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc.
Wireless IT Data Solutions 

Fire and Rescue

ADS has developed a number of cost-effective wireless data solutions for the Fire Departments and Rescue Teams.  We supply IP data radios that can link your Dispatch Operations to the Field Personnel using a number of different wireless infrastructures and IT devices.  With the integrated GPS/AVL you will  have the ability to track your calls as well as monitor your Field Assets for maximum performance and the safety of your personnel. 

ADS has  developed a variety of wide area wireless  SCADA  and  IP  telemetry networks which may be used  to  backup the wireline services from your station alarm networks as well. 

However our main consideration remains that these as well as all other solutions that we provide are Scaleable, allowing you, our customers the ability and flexibility to incrementally improve and upgrade your system's performance and its capability's as technology and your operating requirements evolve, all the while preserving the original capital investments.

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